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The Corrie Partnership's origins

The Corrie Partnership Limited was formed by Sue Corrie FCA and Alistair Corrie BA FCA PSPO to combine their complimentary skill-sets and provide clients with the best range of business insights and accountancy expertise.

Both Sue and Alistair excel at problem solving, and, as importantly, helping businesses implement these solutions iteratively and cost-effectively.  They do this by combining  sound business, accounting and Agile principles, with the ability to engage people at all levels of the organisation; extensive corporate experience.

 Sue and Alistair met while working for Price Waterhouse before the merger with Coopers Lybrand which formed PricewaterhouseCoopers.  So a while ago!

 Sue and Alistair have a wide range of interests outside of their working life. 

These have often contributed to identifying the solutions their clients have been searching for.   


Making the complex simple

Their ability to make complex topics simple and understandable is one of the qualities most valued by their clients.

As well as providing personal and corporation tax advice, Sue provides CFO services to clients, and provides personal coaching and business mentoring.

Alistair has achieved a unique sweet spot for Agile Leadership by combining a deep knowledge of three key areas. He is 

1. an Agile Professional, 

2. a Chartered Accountant, and 

3. an accomplished practitioner of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, the Neuroscience of Problem Solving, and the Psychology of Human Motivation.


Navigating Ambiguity

As humans we love certainty, we crave it, it is hard-wired into our brains.

The world, on the other hand, is ambiguous, volatile, uncertain and complex. And it is prone to constant change.

Is it possible to embrace this ambiguity and work with it? We believe we can, in the same way we can learn to navigate a flowing river.

The secret is this: we humans hate change, but we love novelty. We use this very contradiction to help our clients embrace ambiguity into their comfort zone.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your business and personal goals.

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The Corrie Partnership Ltd

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