The Agile Rock Star

How long after implementing Agile does the positive impact wear off? Not because the chosen framework is wrong, or because “Agile does not work”, but because we are missing three "secret" ingredients:

  1. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership,
  2. Agile Governance,
  3. The Neuroscience of Problem Solving.

Let’s talk about how to create psychologically safe environments where Agile is embedded in the DNA of our organisations, where the Agilistas in our teams can plug into infinite supplies of innovation and inspiration so that we can achieve results most would not believe are possible.

Through creating the right culture we can breed Agile Rock Stars in our organisations. 

Who are your Agile Rock Stars?

  • These are the Agile leaders with off-the-chart levels of Emotional Intelligence.
  • They have the knowledge and charisma to influence the C-suite in the same measure they inspire the Agile team(s) to do their best work.​
  • These are the folks who help everyone navigate complexity and ambiguity, protect the team(s) from waterfall thinking, and make the stakeholders look good, all at the same time.

The success formula is:

Agile Mindset x Agile Governance x Collaborative Emotionally Intelligent Agile Leadership.