Case Studies - 1


Agile Business Transformation

At a $6bn, 25,000 strong, global FinTech, applying Agile with Emotionally Intelligent Leadership to Business Change Management on a Transformation Program, Alistair was able to:

  • Save £26m in Business Change adoption costs.
  • Achieve 36% roll-out and adoption of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams prior to the official launch.
  • Then take the organisation from 36% Teams adoption to over 90% voluntary adoption in 9 weeks.
  • Save £6m in Mailbox Migration consultancy fees.
  • Reduce the incidence tickets raised per mailbox migration wave from 40% to below 8%.
  • Make it possible for the Outlook mailbox migration to be done 6x faster than the next fastest roll-out supported by Microsoft.
  • Drive Teams adoption usage to over 97% of staff.
  • Reducing reliance on alternative communication and collaboration applications saving over £4m annually.​