Mark Thompson - O365 Project / Program Manager at Refinitiv

Mobilising the products, tool-sets and re-imagined behaviours of an organisation is no longer an advantage but is swiftly becoming a necessity in an evolving business world where mobility and velocity become prime business drivers for any business to meet responsiveness and speed to markets challenges.  

We at REFINITIV recognised this early in 2019, and, in parallel to the accelerated deployment of leading edge collaboration tool-sets we engaged the Corrie Partnership to help us drive adoption, migrate behaviours and enhance the emotional intelligence of the various persona's within the organisation to enable all of our users to maximise the possible benefit from the technological leaps we were taking.  

As we are embracing an Agile mindset, it was important, for us, that these values be the foundation upon which our org was to build and Alistair, who passionately drove this initiative for us for the last 12 months was up for the challenge. Enthusiastically, over the last 12 months, he has built a functional living and breathing legacy within Refinitiv that will continue to delivery growth, productivity and behavioural gains for us for years to come  

Now, 12 months down the line, our organisation has transformed, our Modern workplace vision has become a reality and we were able to meet the challenges that CovID-19 has placed upon us without impacting business process or product delivery. Such is the impact of AGILITY in its purest form.

I recommend you ask him how this should be done....! The right way...  


Stephen Carson - Lead Developer at Refinitiv

Alistair worked closely with us on a very innovative technology transformation. Rather than a single department shouldering the burden of change across a (large) enterprise, he engaged with volunteers throughout the enterprise. The key here was to support us as we each took the initiative that made sense for our part of the company.

The results were startling! Our organization made a major technology change in record time with high end-user satisfaction. If this doesn't sound impressive then you probably haven't tried to uproot established practice in a large and old organization... Many such technology iniatives have simply failed.

Alistair was key in working with us volunteers: Getting us the info we needed, addressing issues we ran into, and, importantly, pacing the change so it wasn't too much too fast.

I enjoyed working with Alistair. He helped us make huge change feel manageable and, as so many people told us in feedback: human.


Victoria Silverman - A storyteller with a head for business

I hereby confirm that Mr Alistair Corrie lives up to his rock star reputation. He came into our organisation as we moved at great pace to adapt Microsoft Office 365. He assembled a group of ambassadors around the business to train up others and support their colleagues. 

Being a cynical Londoner, I wondered if this group would be like so many 'champions' in large organisations, who had a super-user flag on their desks but contributed little. How wrong I was. Alistair's personality and ability to make complex instructions pleasurable to learn and relay, had the ambassadors hooked. 

I think we have 400, and they have been invaluable in our project. I'm grateful to them, but more than anything, grateful to Alistair. He worked incredibly hard to create a team, drive engagement and help us succeed. 

He leaves a legacy of guidance, video and engaged colleagues around the globe. We couldn't have done it without him


Julie Waxgiser - Senior Technical Writer

Alistair Corrie is a leader in every sense of the word.

He motivated and supported troves of internal product ambassadors around the globe to help migrate 18,000+ users in one company to a new platform.

He did this by calm communication and positive reinforcement. Alistair offered solutions, provided clear communication, and ensured that people have what they need.

In the case of this project, Alistair found ways to clearly communicate, such as holding regular calls, visiting different locations to support the ambassadors and users there, creating a usable and helpful intranet site, and adding lighthearted touches such giving ambassadors and users a relevant hashtag to put on signs with selfies to post internally.

Another sign of his leadership abilities is that Alistair walked the walk and shared his experience as he did so.

Alistair regularly shared successes, recognized work that was well done or people who helped along the way, and, most importantly, understood and supported people as they were on different parts of the learning curve.

Alistair successfully completed a difficult project by using his leadership skills


Marc Godfrey-Watkins - Regional Head of Availability Management - ASIA at Refinitiv

I've had both the pleasure and privilege of working with Alistair during Refinitiv's rollout of O365 which was an enormous and very successful undertaking. 

Alistair played a huge roll in the stakeholder management and user engagement space, bringing a sense of measured calm, balanced against a strong need to deliver to a set of key milestones. 

His ability to divine user experience from complex descriptions and provide both tactical and strategic resolution to the users was a key part of fostering confidence and high adoption rates. 

Outside of the key work pieces, Alistair is also a great team player with a good sense of humour (vital in this role IMO) and leverages his great interpersonal skills to coach new members effectively. A win for any one hiring him


Maciej Kwidzinski - Senior Information Security Analyst at Refinitiv

Before meeting Alistair, if someone told me that a massive-scale technological transformation that involves thousands of people revisiting the way they work can be done smoothly and in a matter of weeks, I would politely disbelieve. If someone told me that not only can it be done, but that it also can be fun and exciting, I would chuckle. 

Alistair proved me wrong, and by doing so changed the way I and so many of my colleagues perceive and approach change and leadership.

Alistair coordinated the global community of volunteers throughout this joyous revolution of Office 365 adoption with his charisma, undeniable leadership skills and impressive expertise in project management methodologies. Those volunteers, inspired by Alistair's energy, ensured that the change was no longer feared - it became desired as Alistair's group trained, spread awareness, organized and communicated across their locations. As a result of Alistair's leadership, the usage of Office 365 and Teams skyrocketed and quickly went through the roof to support all our collaboration needs ahead of schedule.

While I and the community Alistair created are sad to see Alistair go, it is exciting to think what Alistair is going to accomplish by continuing to spread his positive influence over to other companies as well. Alistair, thank you for everything you've done. For your mentorship, brainstorming sessions, sense of humour, energy, voice and hats. All the best to you!


Jonathan Haruni - Head of Developer Advocacy and Developer Community at Refinitiv

I don't see how my praise could say more than the results you achieved. 

I don't remember a large scale migration of end-user technology going so well in any context ever in my life. And Microsoft says it was their most successful also? Wow. 

I really enjoyed the community dynamics you instilled in our organization and your personal attention to individual needs while managing a big change.